Action understanding

We will enter the troop practice area and settle there. Our non-violent occupation is an act of Civil Disobedience. We will consciously ignore laws serving to ensure that things run smoothly. Prohibitions and juridical persecution will not deter us.

We fight for life and a future worth living. That is the orientation of our actions. We will not threaten or hurt any person. We will show our faces and meet all people with sincerity, respect and willingness to talk. The soldiers, the guard service and the police as humans are not our adversaries, though we criticize their actions and their role. We will express this by our behaving.

Our decisions are made by consensus. We carefully come to agreements, we know our fears and our limits and pay attention to each other. We form our action as clear as possible and create good conditions for self determined acting of all participants. We will revive the area of the GÜZ in a non-violent and decisive way.