The troop practice area

In the north of Magdeburg in Saxe-Anhalt there is the sparcely populated moor of Colbitz-Letzlingen. Since 1935, solders were prepared for war action there, first by the Wehrmacht, then by the Red Army and today by the Bundeswehr and forces of NATO.

The Combat Practice Center for the Army (Gefechtsübungszentrum Heer, GÜZ) near the village of Letzlingen is, with its 232 km² and the used technology, one of the most modern troop practice areas of the World. “Situations of combat”, on foot or with tanks, are presented very likely to reality and transmitted to the evaluation center via transmission technology, supervised and evaluated. Almost daily several hundred soldiers practice there for their homicide actions worldwide, at the moment still for action in Afghanistan.

Consciously the landscape is hold poor of vegetation, and practice villages are shaped in the style of the action areas. At the moment, in the northern center of the place, a field airport and the battle town “Schnöggersburg“ is being built for ca. 100 Million Euro. There you will find dwelling houses and high-rise buildings, roads, an underground tunnel, an industrial area… a target that can exist everywhere in the world – also in Germany.